On August 20, 2020, smart warehuse · Suzhou step by step new technology seminar is a complete succes


On August 20, 2020, sbstc new technology seminar was held in Suzhou

      The theme of this conference is "smart factory modernization transformation and reliability improvement scheme", which gathers wisdom in the present and inspires the future.

      During the meeting, Yang Yulei, general manager of smart warehouse, once again started with how to break the future SMT factory's intelligent logistics, sharing new ideas and information technology solutions for intelligent logistics. The development trend and industry background of manufacturing industry are analyzed comprehensively, and a new form of "high flexibility and intelligent manufacturing" is proposed.

       The seminar is divided into four parts

1. New features of intelligent logistics in SMT industry

2. Development of SMT material management

3. How to break the fourth generation intelligent logistics solution?

4. New product launch: SMT online intelligent electronic silo + (upgrade)

  During the tea break, some of the guests took the initiative to go to the exhibition booth of the smart warehouse to further discuss and exchange with President Yang.

       The sales representative of East China District of smart warehouse enthusiastically and attentively shared products for the guests and listened to the needs of customers. The scene was very popular and enthusiastic.

        East China, once the highland of electronic manufacturing industry, is now seeking for intelligent manufacturing breakthrough and upgrading.

       In this seminar, smart warehouse has provided a brand-new three-dimensional solution for intelligent warehousing in hot fields such as automotive electronics, medical products, consumer electronics, security, etc., so that guests can feel black technology to the greatest extent, communicate closely, and achieve win-win results.